I’m a creative strategist, narrative designer, and director that captivates the human spirit with diverse stories and mix-media. My process is simple: tune in, construct, analyze, empower.

I’m passionate about how ideas become engaging content and media that
unlocks the potential of brands and businesses. I’m inspired by how these brands are using creative solutions to leverage multi-platform strategies, insights and growth while satisfying the lifestyle demands of their audiences, and even more exciting, I get to collaborate with other innovators to redefine how technology is working hand in hand with the most effective means of creativity to improve lives, every day. I’m humbled to be part of the driving force empowering some of our favorite brands including Armani Exchange, Ben Sherman, Carlos Campos, Hyden Yoo, Avon, Youngblood Cosmetics, PepsiCo’s Ting, Jennifer Post Design, Tom-Cookery, Bé U, the Hair DeCoded and Fuzd mobile apps, Harlem Park to Park Alliance, Settepani (Bakery, Restaurant and Catering), 67 Orange Street (Bar & Lounge), La Bodega 47 (A premier rum craft concept), Sylvia’s Restaurant, Chloe The Yogi and Land Yoga concepts. 

I'm a child performer from Jamaica who evolved into a recording artist, performer, writer and creative director adult in New York city. I’m the product of misfits, vagabonds, cultural entrepreneurs, colorful Caribbeans, lovers and creators of art, music, dance and history...who’ve all raised and mentored me. Their nurture, together with standout moments and the business methodologies I have learned from both New York and Oxford Universities, have provided the most meaningful exchanges, lessons, and connections with people from all walks of life. As I matured, I have become hugely inspired by the gamut of our diverse socio-cultural dynamic, the dissimilar stories of everyday people, the impact of mass media, and how the simplest things often frame the most memorable experiences. 

All of these experiences have laid the foundation for how my aesthetic and perspectives are unlocking the potential of the most influential businesses and brands...and connecting people with immersive brand experiences that inspire.

One Love, 
Ano Okera.